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requested by anonymous

Marion Cotillard on the evening news on France 2 - May 18, 2014

Marion Cotillard as Marie in Little White Lies (2010)

—— prohevefilidevium

{ she looks like shit, to but it most
   brutally, and she is well aware of
   it, something that shows, be it
   from the hunch to her shoulders
   to the small uncomfortable smile
   on her lips.}

                         ”——miss me?

( Lucιfer: )

          — don’t happen to like cats, do you?

he holds the mewling, ashen newborn
         in arms seemingly too well-knit to cradle
         such a frail beast. 

     ”vhat on earth

{ raising a hand to brush back
   those stray pieces of hair, 
   she gave a quick glance to
   the creature. }

                     ”i… s’pose.


La femme française… Marion Cotillard, Interview, March 2014. Photographed by Craig McDean.